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GPP Street Team #11
August 21, 2007

Green Pepper Press Street Team crusade no. 11 is:Time to make some noise and play some music on your site! You can be all fancy and embed an auto play video, or a click-and-play video, or just offer links to videos/music you like.

OOOOOOO love it, really love my music, I’ll limit myself to three songs here…..maybe…..

first, from when I was young….this totally takes me back to the 80s, BIG TIME, it was the song I requested every week at the local Palais and danced to even if my pal was at the loo at the time lol
– and it took me AGES to find the right version, there are so many. lol

next I’m choosing my fave Robbie song, I loved him for years, but sadly I am fickle, and when he released Rudebox I jumped ship. lollol This song my daughter was born to, as I had taken in a cd to the hospital, and we had loads of complications with me and with her afterwards, so this brings it all back and makes me realise how lucky we are as a family.

next, we have the ultimate rockers, I have a tattoo on my arm says AC/DC and this is the reason….. (and I’m cheating and having four) Bon Scott was just so charismatic, love love love him.

right, my last and most important one, is my latest obsession, My Chemical Romance. Gerard Way, absolutely love him, he’s sexy, funny, innocent and bad all at the same time. I also think he’s a great role model for any teenager, and all the bad press this band get about being “emo” is utter rubbish, I’ve seen them twice and am going in november to see them again, and I am not a teenager who cuts her arms. Really makes me mad, the kids at these concerts as well as the adults are fab, everyone’s nice to each other and it’s just how it should be. I’ve been to Robbie concerts where the woman next to me nearly elbowed me in the face to get one person closer!!!
These guys are amazing, the best live band I’ve ever seen. it was SO hard to choose a video by them, so I’m choosing two LOL ….. first one is my recent fave, and he just looks and sounds amazing

and this one just rocks……not the music, the content lol

and if you only watch one of these videos, make it this one, and watch at 1.10 seconds in………oooooooooooooooo yum yum lol