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The Last Post…
January 21, 2008

Before I move house!! I’m moving this Saturday, into a house with an extra bedroom, for my son to have his own space. And it happens to be a much nicer house, in a nicer area too, so real excited to move! Before packing all my craft things (boohoo!!) I made this tag for a swap I’m doing with my forum buddy Carol, so I hope you like it Carol 🙂 I’ve used the faux batik technique on the watch and the red writing at the bottom, this is the first time I got it to work! (thanks to Tim Holtz) lol I also used my Dymo machine for the words, but put paper through it, as I’ve seen Joanne do this and thought it looked fab.
Sorry I haven’t been visiting all of your blogs as much as usual, I will be back as soon as the house is in some kind of order and my broadband is on. Hope you are all well. 🙂
Kaz x

Tag Book
January 14, 2008



This is for a one to one swap I am doing with Seona, she came up with the idea of a tag book, and I jumped at the chance to use my Zutter again….lol the theme of Paris was also her idea, and I jumped on that too, I love Paris, so enjoyed making this. My favourite part is the little domino charm…I’m easily pleased…
you can click on any of the thumbnails for a better view. 🙂

Wednesday Stamper
January 12, 2008


wskeys4.jpg    wskeysinside.jpg

This is my contribution to the Wednesday Stamper theme of “Keys”. You can click on the smaller pics for a better view. 🙂

You Make My Day
January 9, 2008

“You Make My Day Award”  I’ve been tagged by Fatma for this, and the rules are…..
 Give the award to up to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel so happy about blogland! Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so that they can pass it on. Beware! You may get the award several times!
So, to narrow it down to ten….
Fatma   Tim Holtz   Nellie   Angela   Jo   Audrey  Emma  Joanne  Carrie  Carlene
I found that really difficult, because I love visiting every single blog in my links, but this ten will naturally follow on to most of them anyway…..that’s my thinking. lol

Triangle Swap
January 9, 2008


     triangle3.jpg   triangle2.jpg  triangle4.jpg

These are for a swap I’m doing with Emma, and the theme I chose was “Butterflies”

You can click on the pics for a better view. 🙂


For Gillian
January 8, 2008







I’ve made this for my good pal Gillian. I was only wanting to use my new Zutter machine lol there are loads more pages and tags etc, but this is the gist of it.

Hope you like it moo. xx

Seona’s Card
January 7, 2008

This card was for my friend Seona’s birthday on New Year’s Day. Hope you had a great birthday moo. xx

Love Inchies
January 3, 2008

This is the latest Inchie Swap on Joanne’s blog (everyone welcome to join in, just click HERE for the details) and the theme is Love….aaaawwwww
I’ve done mine on Stampbord, and used a Crafty Individuals stamp-
I’ve used a template over all my stamps to see what would fit on an inchie, and liked this one best. I also used the stamp to make Joanne a 2×2 Stampbord Hanging, and cut out the butterfly and added that in cos she likes them. I love making inchies, and I think these are my favourite yet.