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Shiver Me Timbers….
May 16, 2008

hehe, I swear my forum friends are going to kill me if I do many more pirate sayings…..ahaaaaaar they are….ok I have a joke first

why are pirates smelly?

because they aaaaaaaaaaarr

 (like ahaaaarr)

ok I will stop now…’s my other contributions to the Design Team work I did for Stamp Addicts, the show is on tomorrow on Create and Craft, and remember you can watch online! lol plugging my own work….sad or what….lol anyway, it’s on at 10am UK time, and the show is called Pirates and Princesses, I got some pirate stamps to work with, so here’s what I did with them. And I LOVED making this lot!


You can see some of the other Design Team’s work HERE and also a pic from the filming of the show!




Design Team
April 9, 2008

I’m  chuffed to tell you all I have been chosen to be on the Design Team for Craftaway, a fab Online craft store.

I love a challenge and can’t wait to start creating for this. There is also a fab newsletter you can sign up for and I’ll be contributing to that too. Really looking forward to it, and I’d like to thank Marie for giving me this chance.